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About JCWP


The Juniata Clean Water Partnership (JCWP) is a regional coalition of citizens, community groups, non-profit conservation organizations, county planning offices, and county conservation districts. The JCWP is working to address the environmental and natural resource issues, along with other political and social obstacles affecting the Juniata River watershed.

In the fall of 2000, the JCWP completed the Juniata Watershed Management Plan. The plan serves as a starting point for watershed residents and grassroots organizations to carry out projects including stream bank stabilization, greenway and trail development, and water monitoring.

The present primary task of the JCWP is to assist in implementing the recommendations outlined in the plan. These efforts will be crucial to improving water quality and quantity and providing for a clean and healthy future for ourselves and future generations.

The initial, overall goals of the JCWP were to develop a watershed plan for communities in the Juniata River watershed, to identify projects in need of funding, to build public awareness of watershed issues and threats, and to foster communication and cooperation between communities for natural resource improvement. As we neared completion of the watershed plan, we adjusted our goals and added the following:

  • Assisting communities in implementing the watershed plan,

  • Increasing public awareness and education on watershed issues,

  • Conducting watershed-wide studies and modeling as needed, and

  • Assisting in the establishment of successful watershed associations
    for the tributaries of the Juniata River.

The Juniata Clean Water Partnership steering committee membership represents a diverse group of stakeholders from non-profit organizations and community groups to governmental agencies.  Partners in this combined effort are:

Allegheny Ridge State Heritage Park
Bedford County Conservation District
Bedford County Planning Commission
Blair County Conservation District
Blair County Planning Commission
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Fulton County Conservation District

Greenwood Furnace State Park

Howard Heinz Endowment
/Western Pennsylvania Watershed Protection Program
Huntingdon County Conservation District
Huntingdon County Planning Commission
Juniata College
Juniata County Conservation District
Juniata County Planning Commission
Mid-State Resource Conservation and Development Council

Mifflin County Conservation District
Mifflin County Planning Commission
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Pennsylvania State Cooperative Extension
Perry County Conservation District

Raystown Field Station
Southern Alleghenies Resource Conservation and Development Council
Southern Alleghenies Conservancy
Tri-County Regional Planning

Westsylvania Heritage Corporation