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September 15, 2011

Dear Stewards of the Juniata River,

As we push into the last months of 2009, it is time for the Juniata Clean Water Partnership to ask for your membership support for the 2010 calendar year.  JCWP relies on your membership to help support the vital work we are doing to protect, enhance and restore the Juniata River and its tributaries.

Many organizations, agencies and foundations are struggling in this economy to follow through with commitments.  JCWP is not immune to the tough economy and grants are becoming increasingly difficult to secure.  Your membership dollars not only provide us with much needed funds, but also dollars donated can provide matching funds which bring even more money into the Juniata. 

Many of you have benefited from our work as direct partners in projects, recipients of information or technical support, a participant in educational programs, or as a paddler or hiker in one of our outreach events.  Some of the services we continue to make available to partners and members in the watershed include:

  • Environmental education in the schools
  • Informational presentation and workshops to various groups and organizations
  • Technical assistance to many local conservation focused non-profits
  • Assistance planning and developing greenways and trails
  • Work with groups on innovative stormwater management structures
  • Assessment and management of invasive plants
  • Support recreational opportunities

One of our more visible services is organizing the Annual River Sojourn on the Juniata River.  The 2010 Sojourn is tentatively scheduled for the second week in June and will be an eight day paddle starting in Huntingdon and proceeding down the main steam of the Juniata to Newport. More information about the Juniata River Sojourn will be forthcoming in early 2010.  One of the benefits of membership is a daily discount on your sojourn registration.  For anyone considering attending this year, this discount alone is worth the price of membership! 

Please join us as a member of Juniata Clean Water Partnership, and thank you!


James Eckenrode
James Eckenrode, President

Memberships are valid for one year from January 1st to December 31st. 

Annual Membership Category

  • Sustaining Member  -  $500  (life time membership no future payments required)

  • Corporate  -  $150

  • Non-profit / Small Business / Government  -  $50

  • Family / Watershed Group  -  $35

  • Individual  -  $25

  • Student  - $10

Fill out a Membership Form and mail the form and check to JCWP within one week

Please contact the JCWP office if you have questions or concerns. 


Juniata Clean Water Partnership

416 Penn Street

Huntingdon, PA  16652

(814) 506-1190