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Minecraft review

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Patricia Curtis

Minecraft review

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Minecraft is a sandbox game where you can build and destroy anything you want. You play as a small man that lives in a world made of blocks. The first goal is to survive, but then you can use your imagination to improve this world. You can also try Minecraft with your friends.

How to build an empire?

You won't have your empire in Minecraft, but you can play in different worlds. They're randomly created to allow you to realize your potential. Usually, at the beginning of the game, you should survive. There are indicators of your hunger, experience, and else. At some point, you get enough skills to start playing for yourself. I mean, you may craft anything you want and explore diverse locations in the game.

There are no limits in Minecraft. You can build as many blocks as you want and discover the world around you as long as you want to. Fields, mountains, caves, villages – it's all waiting for you. Minecraft has many features that allow you to use diverse resources for your needs. I mean, there are stones, wood, brick blocks, and other materials. You can also destroy everything you have built using dynamite or fire.

Playing with your friends.

Besides classic and creation modes, you can play together with other players on services. Minecraft has a large fan base, so there are many platforms. You may create your service and invite your friends to this game. Or, choose the ready one and find new people to communicate with.

You should consider that creating your platform costs a little. It depends on how many people you want to play with. There are options for you and two friends, and you and ten friends. The second option is available for free in the first month – you may try it and see if you want to create your world in Minecraft or leave this service in a week.

Minecraft updates

In Minecraft's latest version, new maps, skins, and textures have appeared. I think it's a big advantage that developers can add new exciting things all the time. Now you can also change the night and day mode. If you play with friends, you might exchange items or give them away. It's hard to describe all the new Minecraft updates – it will be better if you try playing it yourself.


Many people don't like Minecraft because of its graphics. I agree that they're not the best, but I think this game's main feature is not about beautiful arts, but about crafting something new. It is even more exciting if you play with your friends. Although there is no actual goal of this game, you can create wonderful things here – it will be a pleasure.


  • You may play online with others
  • The large variety of features
  • No game end.


  • Graphics are simple
  • A game has no goal.

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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