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Land Resources  

Goal:  The land resources of the Juniata watershed should be utilized efficiently to ensure sustainable productivity of food and fiber while reducing soil erosion and keeping fertilizers and chemicals in the soil rather than in streams or ground water.  High-risk land areas such as floodplains, wetlands, and steep slopes ought to be restricted to low-impact land uses.



            Erosion - Definition, Control

            Homeowners Guide:  Designing Your  Property

            Backyard Buffers

            Conservation Options

            Dirt & Gravel Road Program

               Model Ordinances to Protect Local Resources

               DCNR - Bureau of Forestry

               Nutrient Pollution

               Riparian Buffers


            Forest Dumping: A Crime Against Nature

            Pollution Prevention: Littering and Illegal Dumpsites

Critical Areas

Natural Land Areas

PA CleanWays


Waste Sites

Abandoned Mines

Healing the Land Reclamation Program