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Management Plan


The Juniata Watershed Management Plan, completed in fall 2000, is available either on line or for download as a PDF.  

The following information about River Conservation Plans was taken from A Manual for Keystone Planning, Implementation and Technical Assistance Grant Programs (82300-BK-DCNR3020 - September 1997)

What is the Rivers Conservation Program

The Rivers Conservation Program is a program developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) which was designed to:

  • Foster the development of locally initiated river conservation plans which restore, maintain or enhance the river resources throughout the Commonwealth
  • Provide financial and technical assistance for local river conservation planning activities
  • Establish a Pennsylvania Rivers Conservation Registry to recognize rivers or river segments which have an approved Rivers Conservation Plan
  • Provide opportunities to obtain implementation or development grants to accomplish recommendations defined in the approved Rivers Conservation Plan
  • Encourage state and local actions that are consistent with local rivers conservation plans

What is a Rivers Conservation Plan?

A rivers conservation plan is a locally initiated project to begin addressing methods and developing a strategy to restore, maintain, or enhance a rivers resources through a program of action. Data on significant natural, recreation, and cultural resources are gathered and analyzed. Issues, concerns, and threats to water resources are identified, and cause and effect relationships are defined and assessed to formulate actions that best conserve rivers and river values. The process concludes with the development of a recommended course of action. Objectives for this plan include:

  • Fostering public participation through meetings, workshops and hearings to ensure that individuals and organizations are provided an opportunity to participate in the development of river conservation activities
  • Encouraging intergovernmental initiatives and public/ private partnerships between communities and non-profit organizations
  • Identifying significant natural, recreational, economic, cultural, scenic resources and river values
  • Identifying potential threats to river resources and values
  • Recommending policies and actions that can be undertaken to restore, maintain or enhance river resources
  • Developing a plan to guide and direct river conservation actions
  • Preparing a plan to satisfy admission requirements to the Pennsylvania Rivers Conservation Registry

Goal of the Juniata River Conservation Plan

The goal of the Juniata River Conservation Plan (as stated in the grant application) is to develop a comprehensive watershed plan for communities in the Juniata River watershed. This plan will recognize the concerns of watershed stakeholders by identifying actions that enhance, protect, and restore the river resources of the Juniata River basin.

What is the Pennsylvania Rivers Registry?

The Registry was established to promote awareness and conservation of rivers and river values. The Registry is a listing of Pennsylvania rivers for which an approved Rivers Conservation Plan has been completed. The Registry serves as a medium for the Commonwealth to recognize river resources, which include recommendations for river conservation developed through grassroots efforts and interest of local municipalities, organizations and residents. Pennsylvania Rivers Registry status will also allow the Juniata Clean Water Partnership to be eligible for implementation grants through DCNR.

For more information go to DCNR's web page for Community Conservation Partnership Initiatives on Planning, Implementation and Technical Assistance Grants.