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Political and Economic Resources  

Goal:  The political and economic resources of the Juniata watershed should enable the creation of a broadly shared vision for the future of the region as well as the means to work together to achieve that vision.  Citizens should be encouraged to participate in municipal government activities.  Government entities should cooperate across political boundaries to provide consistent and effective planning, regulation, and enforcement.  Governments should also encourage cooperation across the boundaries of competing interest groups so that intractable conflicts can give way to creative solutions.  Economic development that sustains communities and natural systems should be encouraged through the use of incentives.  Economic opportunities should be developed based on the region's strengths: its natural beauty and abundant natural resources.



            US EPA Targeted Watersheds Grants Program

Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection

Watershed Stewardship: Plan and Resource Guide

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            Political and Regional Watershed Boundaries

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The Economics of Watershed Protection

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