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Third Annual Juniata Watershed Summit

The Third Annual Juniata Watershed Summit was held Saturday, March 15, 2003 at Juniata College located in Huntingdon.  The purpose of the Summit was to provide a forum for the discussion of environmental concerns among the residents and policy makers in the Juniata Watershed and to learn about projects happening in their community.

The Summit's theme for this year's event: Clean Water: The Future of Juniata Communities.

Training sessions offered at the Summit included:

1) Watershed Education Strategies 

New PA academic standards for environment and ecology were recently adopted by the state legislature.  This track addresses these requirements.

  • Project Wet: Overview and Opportunities

  • Education and Ecology standards: Connecting Schools--Watersheds--Communities

2) Pennsylvania Municipalities: Tools for Success

This track focuses on how local governments can implement conservation efforts in their municipalities, counties, and boroughs.

  • Innovative Bridge Maintenance, a presentation by PennDOT

  • Environmental Advisory Councils: How's and Why's

  • Conservation Subdivision Design and Streamside Corridor Preservation

3) Watershed Association and Residents Support

This track is geared to assist Watershed Associations and volunteers with home and community projects.

  • Habitat Assessments

  • Backyard conservation

Awards: Local Students, Teachers, Watershed Associations, and Municipal Officials were recognized and awarded for their contributing efforts within the Juniata Watershed.

Watershed Forum: "Break out by Watershed sub-basin."  The purpose of this session was to facilitate and encourage discussion about the workshop topics and to provide attending educators, municipal officials, and volunteers networking opportunities as well as allow time for residents to discuss and address emerging issues.

Funding for the Summit was provided by a Growing Greener Grant through the PA Department of Environmental Protection, Canaan Valley Institute, and the Western PA Watershed Protection Program.

For additional information about the Summit or the JCWP's watershed plan, please call (814) 506-1190, or email [email protected]